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What is the purpose of the media classification system?

Media classification is the system which plays the role of providing customers with the information about 'to what age are the contents of media suitable and understandable'. Through this system, Korea Media Rating Board protects children and vulnerable adults who could be exposed to harmful or unsuitable media contents. A wise choice of media suitable for age makes it possible to view media contents more pleasantly and instructively.


What sort of contents is for the classification?

The Korea Media Rating Board classifies the films, videos(DVD, Blu-ray, VOD) and video products that are distributed through the information network system.

How many kinds is the rating divided into?

The media rating in Korea is composed of 5 age groups; for example, General, 12+, 15+, 18+ and Restricted.

- General (All ages admitted)

- 12 years + (Suitable for persons over 12 years)

- 15 years + (Suitable for persons over 15 years)

- Adults only (No one 18 and under admitted)

- Restricted (To be shown only in specially ‘Restricted’ licensed cinemas)

Does the KMRB have classification standards? What are the classifiable elements?

Films and Videos classification is done in the light of the degree of expression in 7 factors synthetically, such as Subject, Sex and nudity, Violence, Language, Horror, Drug Use, Imitable behavior. Frequency, intensity and cumulative impact of factors in context also affect the classification decision.

How is the procedure of the film & video classification?

Step 1: The applicant submits film contents with self-evaluation of rating to Korea Media Rating Board.
Step 2: Film Specialized Committee (3 classifiers) examines and classifies film contents while considering
  self-evaluation of rating.
Step 3: Film Subcommittee could decide ratings through the opinion of pre-classification committee in cases
Step 4: The applicant is informed of the rating.

Where can I find out the result of film & video ratings?

You can quickly find out the information about film/DVD ratings in ORs(Online Rating Services) system(http://kmros.kmrb.or.kr). This system provides various classification functions such as search by ratings, period, and production country at home and abroad, etc., So, anyone can be an expert on rating information using computer-based search.


What is the appeal process?

The applicant for classification may sometimes disagree with the decision of the Film Subcommittee, Film Appeal Board re-examine the rating.

How much does the classification cost?

When you enter 'Classification Application Information' of the ORs System at(http://ors.kmrb.or.kr), you can confirm the details of the classification and recommendation fees.





















How can I make a inquiry or complaint about a classification decision?

The KMRB has operated a policy proposal menu on the web site (Website for the board → Customer Service Center → Policy proposals) on the homepage. legal, institutional or administrative proposals about media classification, you will have to submit opinions using the Policy Proposal Corner. We promise to reflect your opinions in our business by arranging them.