This is the information about the Korea Media Rating Board.

  • KMRB
  • What is the purpose the
    Korea Media Rating Board?

    It classifies films, videos, and other motion picture into age-based ratings and recommends domestic performances of foreign artists.

    Through these rating systems, the Korea Media Rating Board works so that the domestic viewers are provided with accurate information for their viewing and it serves as a compass in protecting children from harmful and unsuitable materials.

    The Korea Media Rating Board is a public organization with professionals from all corners of our society including visual, youth, law, culture, education and media.

Why do we need a rating system?

As adolescents are in a stage of both physical and psychological development, extremely sexual or
violent motion pictures could have a significant negative influence on them.

The rating system provides us and our families with the suitable content for each age group. So let's protect children
from harmful motion pictures through the Korea Media Rating Board.

Choosing the appropriate viewing for the age will provide undoubtedly greater satisfaction.