This is the information about the organization.

Reviewing organization

Reviewing organization

Board : (9 members, 3-year term)
  • All members are recommended by the Chairperson of the National Academy of Arts (⅓ - women, ⅓ - those below 40)
    and then, appointed by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
  • Officers, including the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Auditor are elected from the members.
  • All members except the Chairperson are non-standing.
  • The Board has the responsibilities of developing and executing its operation plans, establishing and amending
    the regulations.
  • When a formal objection against the review result is raised, the Board makes a final decision after re-deliberation.
Post Management Committee : (7 members, 1-year term)
  • This Committee is consisted of not more than 7 members, including 1 recommended by non-profit private
  • This Committee has the responsibilities for developing and executing the plans on post management of media
Subcommittees : (25 members, 1-year term)
  • Each subcommittee is consisted of 5 to 10 members appointed by the Chairperson with the Board's consent.
  • Each subcommittee has the responsibilities for determination of media rating.
Specialized committees: (17members, 1-year term)
  • Preliminary review of films, video products
Executive office
  • Main number (051) 990-7200, Fax number (051) 991-7200

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