Rating Guideline

This is the information about the description of ratings.

The ratings are decided by determining the content and degree of expression of 7 key factors:
theme and sex and nudity, violence, language, horror, drugs and imitable behavior.

영상물등급위원회 7가지 기준 요소

1 Theme

The effect on the formation emotions,
values of group of age as
well as the ability to understand and accept
the theme.

Sex and Nudity

2 Sex and Nudity

Level of exposure of human
body as well as caress, sexual intercourse
and other sexual activitiesother sexual.


3 Violence

Level of damage to human body and
oppression through torture and blood
battles, pain, indignity and sexual violence.


4 Language

Level and frequency of vulgar
language and slangs.


5 Horror

Level of psychological shock resulting
from tension, stimuli and threat.


6 Drugs

Level of drugs use and promotion or glamorization of such activities.

Imitable Behavior

7 Imitable Behavior

Level of imitation, encouragement and stimulus to perform the expressed act of murder, drug, suicide, school violence and out casting and use of weapons