Rating Process

This is the information about the procedure of ratings.

Rating lightening Process

If an applicant receives a film, the specialized(pre-classification) committee reviews the contents in advance and the sub-committee determines the final rating.

To raise the efficiency of film ratings, a rating lightening process in which the sub-committee determines a rating based on the opinions of a specialized committee-man is operated.However, if the objection is suggested by the committee president or the majority of attended members of the sub-committee for the rating designated by a specialized committee-man, that film is excluded from the lightening target.

What film is the target of rating lightening?
  • If all classifiers of the pre-classification committee reach a consensus on the same rating with the self-evaluation of rating submitted by the applicant in terms of All, 12+, 15+ and 18+, there is no step 3.
  • 2D film which contains identical contents as 3D format has been rated. (Including in case of applying 2D film and 3D at the same time)
Appeal : The applicant for classification may sometimes disagree with the decision of the film sub-committee, Film Appeal Board re-examine the rating.